1. Drawing From The Past 12: unicorns, hamster tubes, and the Tower of Babel.

  2. My most recent film “The Otherworldly” is available to the public: http://evanmann.com/#/the-otherworldly/

  3. Today in the studio!

  4. Slab O’ Moon: stop-motion animation is brewing!

  5. Drawing From The Past 11 (detail): the astronaut floats into the future.

  6. Drawing From The Past 11 (detail)

  7. Look what came in the mail! #makingcostumes

  8. Drawing From The Past 11 (c. 2007): Inspired by Where’s Waldo and Bosch imagery, I created this parade world filled with every creature imaginable, all progressing forward in chaos. One figure, central in the composition, held upon a platform, beholds the unfolding moment. This lone figure stands still in contrast to a world of constant progression and ever demanding distractions.

  9. Making a mask today.

  10. Gravity Painting in progress @mtvukovich